Submit your bike

If you want to join bikebuilds, here is what you need to know:


The mission is simple. Gathering the rarest and most stunning custom motorcycles. So why wouldn't you take part in this? We will start with BMWs for now and go from there.


Send us a short e-mail to with the technical details you want to provide and a selection of images. Before we publish anything, we will send you the draft for a final check, so you can approve the post, before it goes online.


Only private persons can publish their bikebuilds, we don't want to motivate bike manufacturers / customizers to advertise the work they did for clients on our platform. If you are excluded by this rule, feel free to tell your clients about bikebuilds so they can join. But of course you can publish your personal motorcycles on bikebuilds.


We are not changing the images (we may have to downsize the image to reduce file size) and we are not giving the images to third parties, we will only use them within bikebuilds, that may also include the bikebuilds website and social media platforms. When you send us pictures you agree that you have the rights to use these pictures. If you can only publish the images with a reference to the rights-holder let us know and we will create a reference text to give them the credit they deserve. You can also send us a selection of different angles of rectangle, horizontal or vertical images. If you have a banger of a 9:16 vertical image, that may be interesting to some in our community as a wallpaper for their phone.


If you want to link to your personal social media or to a bike related blog post on your site or another third party website you can do that as well. To do that simply send us these links.
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